Top 25/10 LV jaunumi: Banga, Nagla, Amyl and The Sniffers u.c.

“The Eternal Witness” – “Esi” Banga” – “Man Vienalga” “Queer On Acid” – “Houseum” “ New Path EP by Queer On Acid “Nagla” – “Kill Me” Mēnessputni – Brīdis uz Mēness “Nation of Language” – “Wounds of Love” “Rival Consoles” – “Pulses of Information” “Amyl and The Sniffers” – “Guided by Angels” “Lonely Guest” – “Pre War Tension” ft. Joe Talbot, Marta, “Tricky” “POP. 1280” – “Noncompliant” “W. H. Lung” feat. “softlizard” – “Showstopper” "Public Service Broadcasting – Blue Heaven (feat. Andreya Casablanca) [PIAS]" "Stranded – Back Country [Double Phantom]"